Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aspiring to change the world of health & wellness....

For some time now I've felt the need to share the amazing information that I've learned through the years about health & wellness, and to fulfill my aspiring health coach dream. I've learned that you need to have a balance in your life to really grow and feel happy. So for me true health is more than just hitting the gym and watching what I eat. Those are key factors, but you also need to nourish your emotional/spiritual self. This helps you realize the blessings that you have in your life and help you become more grateful for the unique person that you really are. Our life and bodies are gifts that are given to use and create an amazing world around us.
As a mom I sometimes feel bombarded with things and have a tendency to have a pity party every now and then. In September I was given a handout from a fellow fitness instructor that has changed my life forever. Each day I sit down and write at least 5 things that I am grateful for and why. This helps me realize when I have a challenge I can learn from it and grow, or I can sit and wallow in my self pity and NOT GET VERY FAR. So I choose to make the most of it!

It is good to reflect upon thankful thoughts. It is even better to continually put thankfulness into action.

The way to be truly and fully thankful for what you have is to put it to use. Abundance grows more abundant when it is exercised.

Life is great and wonderful blessings are not for hoarding. They are for living.

What's important is not how much or how little you have. What's important is what you do with it.

You won't find richness in the objects of your desire. True richness comes in the living, dynamic expression and fulfillment of those desires.

Be genuinely thankful for your good fortune by applying that good fortune in an authentic purposeful direction. Make good use of life's goodness, and there is no limit to how valuable it can grow.
My goal is to post things that will help each of us with both our physical and mental health. You can email or post comments with ideas or fun things that you have learned and would like to share.
Workout ideas for home or the gym:
  • jab, jab, cross,cross,hook,hook, upper cut, upper cut alternating right and left arms for 3 minutes
  • squat jump for 2 minutes (you go down in a squat and then come up and jump straight up)
  • quick feet for 3 minutes (which is like fire foot running. You are in a squatted position moving your feet as fast as u can. You jiggle all over.)
  • Mountain climbers. Get in a push up position and you alternate your knees in towards your chest for 1 minute.
  • Jump rope for 2 minutes
  • High knee run go for 1 minute
  • Drop down and give me 20 push ups & 50 sit ups
  • Repeat the entire circuit 3 to 5 times.

Snack on the run

1 medium apple with a low fat string cheese.

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  1. Gotta love quick feet....maybe we should start calling it fire feet:)


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