Monday, March 15, 2010

"Five Rules of Happiness"

by Jose Silva and Burt Goldman

Stress is not caused by problems. It is your attitude toward the problem that causes stress. The question is not how can I rid myself of stress, but how can I change my attitude toward work, events, disappointments, fears, and people?

The 5 RULES:

1. If you like something, enjoy it.
2. If you don't like something, avoid it.
3. If you don't like something and can't avoid it, change it.
4. If you can't or choose not to (important distinction here!) avoid or change something you don't like, then accept it.
5. You accept something by changing your perception of it.

I will be honest...I'm not super excited for summer DUE TO THE massive HEAT wave we seem to attract. Well, this year I'm choosing to love it with all my heart, might, mind, and soul. I will enjoy my early morning runs, swimming with my kids, the freedom festival, going to the beach, enjoying some ice cream every now and then, and warm sunsets. Bring on the shorts and flip flops!! WAHOO!!

P.S. thank you Charli!

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