Saturday, May 15, 2010

Circuit training

Here's a workout from "Making the Cut" by Jillian's altered a little, but for the most part she will kick your butt just like she does in the LAST CHANCE Workout on the Biggest Loser favorite show!!

Here's a workout that hits your chest and triceps as well as lower body circuit
Circuit 1
Dumbbell presses on body ball- perform 20 reps.
Dumbbell flys on Body ball- at the top of the move crunch up with your abs/ perform 15 reps
Squats- (no weight o 50 as fast as you can with correct form or course:)
One minute sprint in place or straddle run on and off the bench

Circuit 2
Plank hold for 10 sec.
Tricep push-ups x 5
Side plank for 10 sec.Plank for 5 sec.
Tricep push-ups x 5
Side plank for 10 sec.
Plank for 5 sec.
Burpies x 10 (you squat down and touch the floor and then jump straight up)
Sumo squats (legs are wide with toes turned out) x 50
One-minute sprint in place or run up and down on the bench

Circuit 3
Frog push-ups x 20 (your legs are out like a frogs legs)
Squat thrust x 20 (you are in push up position and you jump your feet in towards your hands) after you finish hold a squat for 30 seconds.
W Shoulder presses with Leg extensions (you do 10 on each side) You balance on one leg and extend the other one out as you push your arms out wide overhead.
Jump rope for 1 minute

Circuit 4
Bench dips x 20
Rope Tricep presses to muscle failure
Static lunges with Lateral shoulder raises x 10 each side
Mountain Climbers for 1 minute
Boat Pose (hold for 30 sec)

Circuit 5
Jump rope for 1 min
Bicycle Crunches x50 (25 each side)
Extended Plank for 30 sec (push-up position with your hands out slightly in front)

Now go hit some cardio for 20-30 minutes

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