Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Death By Numbers...

(the survivors)
Newport Style with my family.....

I got the idea from the Crossfit Death by Numbers. We had to improvise since we didn't have a deck of cards. I took 2 cups and in one cup I put the exercises and in the other cup I put the repetitions/time.

Exercises (write them down, cut them up, put them into the cup)
Walking Lunges
Tricep Push-ups
Side Plank
Hoover (reg. plank)

10 reps/1 minute
15 reps/ 1 minute and 30 seconds
20 reps/ 2 minutes

We did 3 rounds of each exercise. On the repetition and time you can choose which one. For the Hoover and side plank use the time. If you want to finish it off for cardio for a nice run afterwards.

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