Friday, January 11, 2013

Something to think about... " The Legal Cocaine"

 I posted this video before. Watched it again and it made me want to throw up. With everyone on the bandwagon to get healthier I wanted to post it again. There is a bigger reason to eat healthy then just weight loss. Your bodies health is FAR MORE IMPORTANT then a six pack, 5 pound weight loss, etc. People stop gorging yourselfs in fake chemical loaded food. Read the package and see whats really in there. Better yet STAY AWAY FROM THE PACKAGED CRAP!!! Eat whole foods. You will feel better, be happier, and be able to live longer.

5 Health Junkie rules before you INDULGE...
1. Ask yourself how will I feel in an hour after I eat this??
2. What is the health benefit of the food??
3. Am I eating because I am bored?? (call a friend)
4. Is it colorful (colors of the rainbow)??
5. How will this affect my long term goal??

 I am not saying to never indulge. Find ways to make your indulgences healthier or limit them to special occasions. Need help... email me This mama is on a mission to educate people to love and nurture their bodies.

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