Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taking things one step at a time

I love this time of year. The blossoms starting to bud and bloom on the trees. Weather and the sun starting to change, and good old out door hill runs. Where I live there is no such thing as a flat run. Its up or it's down, and when you go down you have to come back up :). When I first started running I would look at the long stretch of a hill and want to cry and quit. Now, I take it one step at a breath at a time and somehow make it to the top.
With all of our goals in life we need to do the same, otherwise we can get overwhelmed and quit. Trust me I've been on both sides. What helps me is to sit back, take a deep breath, and focus on what is most important. That's how I set up my to-do list for each day...tasks in order of urgency. My workouts are an urgency. They allow me to take time for myself and to keep my body healthy and strong to keep up with my life as a wife, mom, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer. Some days are better then others, and I gobble up the good days and make the most of the messy days :). Take time for yourself to reflect and ponder on what you really want, and what is most important to you and then go for it.

TABATA hill running
20 sec. sprint
10 sec jog
20 sec. sprint
10 sec jog
20 sec sprint
10 sec jog
2 minute steady pace (pace you can breath comfortable at)
Repeat 5 times or until you get to the top of your hill

Happy Running my friends xx

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